Kilands Office Systems

Since 1950


Parts Management

  • Fully integrated parts cross referencing for all manufacturers of bearings, seals, belts, filters, and mounting parts
  • Full in house parts inventory
  • Counter invoicing
  • Direct hot key access to point of sale function
  • When invoice is completed the parts, customer and G/L are updated
  • Price update and master price on disk
  • Faster service to customer
  • Accurate invoices
  • Updated daily accounts receivable
  • Physical inventory system
  • Transfers and initial file setup from present system
  • Full complement to report and inquiry programs
  • Preview of all stock orders, so you can add to it, or delete form it, before it is transmitted to vendor
  • Tracking of part sales by part number, customer number, invoice number and source code
  • Ability to review reports before printing
  • Interface to AGCO parts book
  • Interface to PAL parts book
  • Interface to PROCM parts book
  • Interface to JD Vision parts book