Kilands Office Systems

Since 1950


Service Management

  • All work orders are logged into system and can be split into segments.
  • Work orders can be tied to the whole goods inventory system by serial number.
  • Parts are added to the work order for each segment and retained until the work order is invoiced.
  • A time card system enables technicians to enter start time and end time of each segment and have it automatically update the hours to the work order and payroll.
  • Work orders are automatically invoiced.  Parts, labor and other charges are automatically updated to the inventory and accounting system.
  • Work orders are automatically calculated and printed.
  • The estimate system can be used to enter a standard job, or do an estimate for a customer, with both parts and labor.
  • Work orders are retained on the system as long as needed.
  • Work in progress inquiry.
  • Serviceman's work in progress by the type code.
  • Service department efficiency menu.
  • Service department efficiency reports.
  • Service department efficiency history report.
  • Serviceman incentives.
  • Non-revenue work in progress by type code.
  • Billing cycle report.
  • Jobs flat rated percentage report.
  • Ability to view reports before printing.