Kilands Office Systems

Since 1950


Whole Goods Management

  • Whole goods turns
  • Inquiry on whole goods file, customer history file, and work order file.
  • All options are listed with product
  • All work orders are listed with inventoried serial products and customer's serial products
  • Prospect systems
  • Sales call system
  • Single line stock status
  • Future whole goods sales by equipment type
  • Stock status with options
  • Floor plan interest report
  • Cash difference report
  • Values report
  • Salesman sales report
  • Values report for LIFO
  • Model number reporting system on 24 month sales
  • Multiple store status report
  • Values report of old whole goods
  • Salesman sales report
  • Product type sales report
  • Washout report
  • Due date report
  • Sales guide 2000 report
  • View whole goods image on screen