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Using RFID Technologyto keep awareness of your lot's equipment in real-time!


Kiland’s Asset Management System


Serial numbered asset management, having a perpetual inventory of your equipment whether it is inside or outside of buildings.


The tags are active, meaning they each have a battery and are broadcasting at predetermined intervals. Tags have ranges over 1000 feet. Tags can be mounted on any surface with glue, bolts or tie straps. The battery life of the tag is over 5 years.


The readers can be configured wireless or they can be hardwired. If they are hardwired the voltage comes through the signal wire. The readers use five and twelve volts, so a 12 volt battery can power the readers with a solar panel. The reader can be 300 to 500 feet from the access point. 


The signals from the readers are sent to an appliance that uses the Linux operating system. This appliance determines if the signal is new or after a predetermined time the signal is missing. If the signal has changed (either there or not there) the tag number is then sent through the network to the Inventory management system. The reason we use the appliance is for multiple locations and to minimize the traffic on the network.


When the tag number gets to the inventory management system, it sends an alert. The alert can just be an addition to the Current Alert screen or also an email to a predetermined email address. The alert shows if the piece has come in or gone out, we can also determine if it has physically moved. All of the equipment on the alerts page can be verified automatically, or individually. If you verify it individually you can add status and comments. You can have a query go to a main system if it is allowed and get information, such as who has signed it out, who has rented it etc.


The inventory management system, then can display a perpetual inventory, showing whether the equipment is in or out, who has it, when it went out or came back in and the location it is or was at. We also keep a log of all the movements of each piece of equipment.


The tags all have a number that gets loaded automatically. When you enter a serial number a list of the unused tags are displayed, to choose the tag that will be attached to the serial numbered item. The serial numbers can be loaded automatically through your main system, if it is allowed.


The software will work with any active or passive tags and readers. If passive tags are used, we would bypass the appliance and go straight to the inventory management system, because passive tag readers draw the signal from the tag, the tag doesn’t broadcast a signal.


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System features 

  • Provide an immediate list of all equipment on hand
  • Alert when equipment left the lot
  • Notify the right department if the paperwork is not completed
  • When equipment is returned, automatically create a work order
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Reduce physical inventory costs
  • Improve accountability 

Technical features

  • Using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology
  • Individual tags installed on each piece of equipment
  • Readers are setup to read all tags instantly
  • Active tags can be read up to 700 feet by one reader
  • Tags can be re-used as equipment is sold
  • Readers are connected to the local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) with wireless connections
  • Real-time event monitoring and notifications